Islamic terrorism and his phenomenon

Crazy people are mentally ill people who commit terrorist acts during the period of mental instability. They can be the most complex terrorists. Many of them are impulsive and unpredictable. Others are very meticulous, prepare their actions in the smallest detail. Some of them even consider themselves agents of God. American military specialists engaged in the preparation of military personnel take the classification of Frederick J. Hecker, which shares terrorism on terrorist groups that practice it:
Terrorism is practiced by crusaders (politically motivated) and includes terrorist groups in this category (Baader-Mainhof, Ira, Red Brigades, EPV, etc.) and politically motivated extremist groups (Khmer Rouge, Tupac Amar, Communist combat cells, etc. .);
Terrorism who are engaged in criminals (personal goals): criminal organizations (mafia, yakuza, etc.) and individual criminals or criminal groups;
Terrorism is practicing crazy (mentally ill): psychotic, neurotic, employees dismissed from work, etc.
The same specialists share terrorist groups as follows:
Ethnic, religious, nationalist groups;
Revolutionary group names;
anarchist groups (without specific purposes);
Extreme right non-fascist groupings;
ideological mercenaries.
Although terrorists have different typologies, they still have common features. It:
promotes fear;
Usually from a military point of view, they are weaker than law enforcement agencies (safety);
The media strictly need to draw attention to their case;
they are extremely mobile;
uses the fact that terror is cheap;
has limited resources;
workers under cover;
I think that small groups mean safety and efficiency. Unfortunately, there are great chances that in a real situation we will not understand from the very beginning, even in the middle of the event, with what terrorists we have to deal with, and what would be more important to know which motivation they have.
Another difficulty in the fight against terrorism and this phenomenon is especially noticeable after the Washington authorities launched a counter-terrorist program, namely, the radical fundamentalist groups spread in Islamic society, and they are very difficult to isolate them with the help of true. An irrefutable example is Al-Qaida, which was divided into small underground groups of Mjahedov, who returned to the countries of their origin and continue to organize various attacks.
Despite the fact that they are small groups and, apparently, do not have resources and means for action, there is a clear trend of cooperation between terrorist groups. Best guide for beginners related to forex trading in Indonesia on . Read more.