Dear ICF Members and Credentialed Coaches

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation with the spread of COVID19, we at the ICF and in particular at the UAE Chapter, are committed to supporting our local coach community, our health, our businesses as well as greater society as a whole. The ICF have produced resources that can help ICF Members during this difficult time. You can access them via

As your new Board of Directors for 2020, most of us have started our new terms this year. The current situation has meant that we are reviewing our normal calendar of events and how we deliver our Member activities. We are determined to continue to support the UAE community in every way possible and are doing this in the following ways:

  1. Improving Member value. Lina El-Assaad, Vice-President and Director of Membership, supported by me and the entire Board, is passionate about ensuring that all our Members and Credentialed coaches feel they are receiving value from their ICF Membership. From accessing the rich resources of their subscription to Arabic translations and parallel campaigns that are more relevant to our community, Lina is persistent in representing our Members’ needs in all our projects and activities. Anita O’Connor-Roberts, Executive for Abu Dhabi, is working alongside the Board to ensure Members who are based in our capital, are always represented.
  2. Quality knowledge share. Dennis Kight, Director of Knowledge, is bringing the 2020 content theme of Elevate Your Coaching Practice as the focus for all activities this year. In light of our need for virtual coaching, events, webinars and other activities, we are now including more online skills into our content.
  3. Professional content strategies. Nieves Fuentes, Director of Marketing, is improving how we bring you information, news and events. Working closely alongside Franda Graves, Executive for Communications, they are focusing on bringing you more best practice, on connecting with you and how we improve Member value creation. Supported by Lina El-Assaad in her capacity as Director of Membership. Ironically, our UAE website is under maintenance due to a re-occurring virus infection and we are working to get it up and running again. Please follow us on social media for news and updates.
  4. New opportunities to work with us. Claudia Halbi, Director of Sponsorship, is working on new structures and projects that create sponsorship and partnership opportunities that deliver Member benefits while supporting businesses. Working closely with Lina, myself and the team, we aim to become more relevant to your business and more structured with our new approach.
  5. Better reach into communities. Fanika Nikic, in her role as Director of Community, is working to reach further with her project strategies for Ignite and the ICF Foundation as well as relaunch activities like Coaching Cafes, adapted for virtual delivery.
  6. Uncompromised event strategy. Mayssaa Khalil, Director of Events, is determined to ensure that we continue to deliver and innovate our events calendar. Working closely with the rest of the Board, we are reviewing our current providers to ensure we can move our events online while delivering exceptional content. Starting with our Spring Event on 20 April 2020, we will move to a virtual format.
  7. Increased commercial awareness. Barbara Stickland, Director of Finance and Administration, is driving our collective Board strategies in ways that provide the Chapter with future financial sustainability. We receive a small percentage of Member fees as rebate, paid by the ICF, but without careful management of our costs and strategic commercial planning to drive Sponsorship revenue, we would not be able to remain licensed.
  8. Continuous improvement strategy. Farzana Kazemi, Executive for Development, is working on our processes and procedures with the aim of creating a Chapter Standard Operating Procedures that ensures the operational performance of future Boards. This will help us mature as a Chapter and overcome the start-up phase that has been experienced with each new Board.

In every difficult situation, there is an opportunity to reflect, learn and improve. We are on the edge of a new era where there will be a surge of digital uptake. As coaches, we are lucky enough to be future-ready. I urge you to embrace technology, collaborate to grow your knowledge and stand together to help heal and rebuild our social and business communities. Please renew your Membership today and help us rebound as the UAE coach community.

Your sincerely

Rania Laing, PCC

ICF UAE Chapter President