Improved Structure for the ICF UAE Board

Each year the ICF UAE Board undergoes changes to its volunteer Directors and Executives. Over the last couple of years, the Members on the Board have been focused on primarily bringing in new initiatives that bring transparency and structure to the Board activities. Helped by Member expertise, the Chapter was able to attain official licensing, acquire it’s own domains and launch the local Member website for the very first time. These now offer us more opportunity to communication more openly and more transparently with all our Members.

With a focus on sustainability of future Boards, we have defined the ways that Members can participate in the future running of the Chapter and gain the recognition and awareness of the Members, based on actual contribution to projects. We have tiered the levels to allow for volunteers to grow with the Chapter, taking on more responsibility as they learn. We hope this makes us more inviting and more approachable, as a team.

A well-structured team with clear roles and responsibilities is critical in ensuring the Board meet and grow with the requirements and expectation of the Members. As we build on our resources and bring in new technologies to help manage operations, we can focus our efforts on creating the events and opportunities that our Members are asking for rather than operational tasks.

This means we can free ourselves up better to create stronger, long-term ties with the community, government, and other important sectors which then create opportunities for our local Members.

Our aim with a more structured approach is:

– Protect the future of the local Chapter through clear succession

– Encourage Members to participate by making routes into activities more visible

– Communicate more about Board activities and how we aim to benefit our Members

– Invite feedback and dialogue with Members and interested third parties

– Create more opportunities with partners and third-parties by shifting focus from operations to strategic projects


Here is an overview of the newly defined structure for the ICF UAE Chapter:

We are inviting Members with experience to volunteer in the following areas:

– Graphic design for communications

– Event lead – management for our big Autumn event

– Ignite initiative management – for the local community

– General administrative support for Board activities


We are welcoming volunteers, with experience, who wish to lead projects to come forward and join our team as Board Executives. Board Executive hold project management responsibilities but without the legal position and voting rights of a Board Director. A Board Executive position offers the volunteer an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and management skills in their specialist area ahead of the annual Board Elections. Our goal is to be supported by enough Board Executives that the broader local Chapter Member base can feel confident voting for Board Directors from the Executive pool, based on their documented history and contribution to the Board in their position as Executive. We feel this also provides current Directors with confidence based on actual contribution to the team and a greater understanding of a potential Director’s strengths.


If you have any questions about these changes or would like more information, please contact