How Does the ICF Chapter Structure Serve the Local Coach Community?

As a Member of the ICF, you are one of over 27,000 coaches worldwide who have signed up to the association’s ethics and standards. The scale of representation allows the ICF to offer a coaching industry benchmark and this means you can effectively communicate the quality of your experience and training to others.

The ICF global community is served locally through a network of over 120 local Chapters across 60 countries. Each Chapter is led by a team of volunteer leaders. Chapters offer a direct connection between you, the Member, and the ICF Global team; as well as provide a source for networking and professional development.

The ICF has clear policies and requirements to establish a Chapter and each Chapter leadership team works within the Chapter By-Laws and serve specific terms.


How Do Local Elections Work?

 Every year, there’s a new opportunity for Members to serve on the local Board as volunteer Chapter Leaders. With every term that comes to completion or a resignation – due to relocation or personal circumstance – a vacancy becomes available. All Members are invited to self-nominate for a position, applications are reviewed by the Elections Committee and the short-list of nominees go forward as candidates for election by the Members of the local Chapter. All votes are checked for authenticity before the successful candidates are announced.

Succession is vital to maintain the ongoing benefits to the local Members as well as community initiatives and new projects that have been started by previous Board Members.


 What Does It Mean to Become a Member of the Board?

 With a focus on sustainability of future Boards, we have defined the ways that Members can participate in the future running of the Chapter in a separate article.

In summary, ICF UAE Chapter Board Directors are registered legally with the trade licensing authority and have project delivery responsibilities.


What Are the Benefits of Taking on Director Responsibility?

The sky really is the limit! By becoming a Director, you can bring your gifts to the team and deliver a fantastic positive impact to the Membership of experienced coaches, new coaches and those interested in coaching. What’s more, by leading your initiatives, you can help share your passion for the benefits of coaching within your own and other niches.

This collective purpose to reach further out into all areas of coaching is what creates a continually growing opportunity for an emerging vocation and market. As coaching becomes wider spread and more recognised, your position on the Board gives you acknowledgement for being a respected professional in your field.

In addition, the process of working on projects enables you to expand your network, build your reputation, learn from the team and publicly demonstrate your own expertise. As the Chapter has matured, the team have become more structured with better processes and procedures leaving more possibilities to improve project impact. If you work alone, working with a team has its own advantages. New friendships are formed and new memories are made.

Finally, as a Board Director, you gain new knowledge from a more in-depth view of both the ICF as a global organisation and coaching as an industry. This offers you the wisdom from having a new perspective on what you do and that helps you improve how you manage yourself and your business.


 What Is the 2019 Election Process in Detail?

  1. The Elections Committee announce the vacancies and job roles for the Board of Directors and invite Members to self-nominate by completing the application and sending along with their CV to The deadline for self-nomination is 7 November 2019.
  2. Applications are then reviewed by the Election Committee and nominees who meet the requirements will be invited to attend an interview.
  3. Once all interviews have taken place, the shortlisted candidates go for elections by the local Chapter Members. Candidate profiles will be published online. This year the voting period will be 16 to 20 November 2019. Elections are conducted via an online link which is emailed to Members. Only Members registered before 14 November 2019 will be allowed to vote.
  4. Votes are checked and authenticated on 22 and 23 November 2019.
  5. Election results will be announced on the 24 November 2019. The new Board Members are invited to meet the community on the evening of 24 November 2019 at the monthly social before getting onboarded and receiving project handovers during December 2019.
  6. The new Board sits in the first Board meeting of the year in January 2020.


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