Ahead of our ICF UAE Fall Event, we interviewed our guest speaker, Saima Butt, MCC and ICF Foundation Board Trustee, to learn more about what makes her tick.


ICF UAE Board: Please tell us more about how you see coaching links with your work on the ICF Foundation.

Saima: For me, coaching and societal progress are inextricably linked. My purpose is to connect people with the abundance of their potential, and I hold a vision for humanity in which people come together to generate social change for an equitable place for all to thrive. With 20+ years delivering in private & public sector organisations I’m focused on wanting to support major change for communities to thrive. Leaders are drawn by my “passion in applying strategic thinking and intuitive awareness in delivering success”.

Thrilled to participate in the ICF UAE Chapter conference as a keynote speaker to discuss how coaching can be an insertion point to mission-driven organisations that are making a social impact on society.


ICF UAE Board: How would you describe the legacy you could dream of leaving?

Saima: Many things come to mind. My vision is connecting with people to make meaningful impact for themselves, their teams, organisations, and communities. I want my legacy to include inspiring people to be coach like, whether at work, home, or at play. It is here that I see an intersection with the work of the ICF Foundation. On a personal note my son, who is profoundly wiser at his age than I was, I know he will be a force for good in this world! I see in him such a worldwide awareness in his (systemic) thinking for humanity and want that to be something next generations of people to continue to have thus letting go of humanities conditioning to date with such social injustice.


ICF UAE Board: How would you describe your top three strengths that have helped you succeed?

Saima: The ability to seek out the joy and laughter no matter what. I find great inspiration in standing for the potential and purpose of people be them an individual or a whole community. Connecting with humanity in this way brings me purpose for what else can be possible. Acknowledging that my success is not in a vacuum, I am humbled by knowing who else contributes towards that every day. Much of what is needed in our world we can’t do alone – and we have fantastic collective strength as a great team serving the mission of the ICF Foundation.


ICF UAE Board: Thanks Saima, it’s been fantastic getting to know you. Finally, please tell us something about you that we do not already know

Saima: With gratitude to my paternal grandmother – she continually encouraged me to use my right hand since the age of one – I am pretty close to being fully ambidextrous!


Saima Butt, MCC will be presenting at the ICF UAE Fall Event on 16 Nov 2020 at 6pm.