Ahead of our ICF UAE Fall Event, we bring an interview with our guest speaker, Dr Marcia Reynolds, MCC learn more about what inspires and motives her.

ICF Board: How would you describe the legacy you could dream of leaving?

Marcia: Especially now, people need coaches to help them see beyond the stories they are stuck in causing widespread fear and anger. I believe using a coaching approach in all our conversations can uplift the consciousness of the world, transforming hearts as well as minds. I would love to create a movement to raise consciousness on this planet with quality coaching. I consistently research and teach ways to improve and deepen our skills so we not only have a greater impact on our clients, but we are more satisfied and fulfilled with our coaching engagements. I hope to leave my legacy by continuing to teach and mentor coaches worldwide as long as I can so we can create this movement together.

ICF Board: How would you describe your top three strengths that have helped you succeed?

Marcia: The courage to take risks that I feel will help me achieve my mission.

The commitment to complete well whatever I promise.

The imagination to envision what is possible for me and my clients.


ICF Board: Tell us about your hobbies and interests.

Marcia: I am an avid hiker. I’ve hiked up peaks and into canyons all over the world. I love exploring my state, Arizona, which has more awesome hikes than I can do in this lifetime. I am grateful I have the strength at my age to get up ever morning and hike into the desert to see the sun rise. The sun does rise no matter what is going on in the world. There is beauty right out my front door. Hiking keeps me grounded and humble.

ICF Board: Tell us something about you that we don’t already know.

Marcia: I played the harp in the orchestra in high school and for one year in college. I am too small to play it correctly; my arms don’t reach the full width of the instrument. I was taught that if I played what I could with finesse, no one would notice what I missed. This lesson has served me well throughout my life!


ICF Board: Thank you for your time, Marcia, we have one final question, what does being successful mean to you?

Marcia: Success means having the psychological and financial freedom to create my legacy. Thomas Leonard, founder of the first coaching school and the ICF, taught us that being independently wealthy just means you owe no bills. I took his advice and recognized the freedom in not having car, house, and credit card debts. This has helped me to pursue my mission as a thought leader in coaching. I can write my books, design my training, post my blogs and pictures, and not worry how well they will be received. I am able to give freely and authentically, which of course, has led to my visibility and success in coaching. The evidence of my success for me is all the gracious comments and thank you notes I receive on social media and by email for what I share, and that I share what I know from my heart. I am so lucky that my path led me to coaching.


Dr Marcia Reynold, MCC will be presenting at the ICF UAE Fall Event on 16 Nov 2020 at 7pm.